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The artistic work of the Chaliwaté Co. is nourished by many different manners of approaching the mime art to create physical and visual shows. Since they worked on their first show “Joséphina” in 2009, they have continued to expand and enrich their stage writing and creative process, constantly looking for new perspectives, taking part in workshops and collaborating with other artists from different theatrical genres.
Their show “Jeltag” was nominated at the Prix de la Critique 2016 (Belgium) in the category “Best Circus Show”

A Focus Company & Chaliwaté Compan’s show


The North Pole, 4 am.

Under a snowstorm powerful enough to wrestle with a sequoia,
a used-up van finds its way across the icecap.
Three reporters land on the ice as if stepping
on the moon for the first time. A bear stares
straight at them. The team gets ready…

Total Theatre Award winner and popular hit at the 2018 Edinburgh FringeBackup is the first collaboration between two leading Belgian theatre groups, The Focus Company and the Chaliwaté Company, with a shared interest in physical and object theatre, animation and video.

“For a long time, we have been following and appreciating each other’s work. It became clear that we had a similar approach to our art and it was obvious that we shared a common taste for unusual theatrical forms. As if we spoke the same visual, artisanal and poetic language.”

– Chaliwaté Company and Focus Company

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