René Magritte - Belgian Painter

The Artist

René Magritte was born at Lessines, in Wallonia, on November 21, 1898. His childhood was marked by many moves of family abode, the financial woe due to commercial setbacks of his father and, above all, by the suicide of his mother.

From the age of 12, Magritte took painting classes from a local school master and developed a passion for the films of the arch-criminal Fantômas as well as an avid taste for Edgar Allan Poe and Maurice Leblanc. Before coming to the capital in 1914 to study at the Académie des Beaux-Arts, he’d already crossed paths with Georgette Berger, at the fair in Charleroi, the woman who in 1922 would become his lifelong muse and wife.

Rene Magritte - Belgian painter
Rene Magritte - Belgian painter - Surrealism

His work

After a first period influenced by cubism, he turns to surrealism. From then on, his art will try to demonstrate that the glimpse of reality is an only mystery if we go out of our usual and logical habits. His works often play on the gap between an object and its representation.

René Magritte was a leading painter and theorist of surrealism. He was meticulous and he is known for the extraordinary juxtaposition of ordinary objects in his paintings. He was a master of visual paradox and continued to question the usual perception of reality.

Magritte died in 1967, having painted more than 1000 paintings, as well as gouaches and collages.

” I do not think about circumstances that could have determined my character or my art. I do beliebe in “determinism”.”



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