Melanie de Biasio - Belgian Singer

Melanie de Biasio

The Singer

Melanie De Biasio is a Belgian vocalist and musician (transverse flute) who mixes jazz, blues, and soul. She was born on 12th February 1978 in Charleroi and showed interest in dance and music at a very young age. At 12 years old, Melanie joined the Ensemble de l’Harmonie of Charleroi with whom she went on tour in Canada during a month. This first experience as a band will play a crucial role in her choice of career. After 3 years of vocal studies at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels, she was awarded a First Prize with a distinction degree. After that, she toured in Russia, in which she gained further professional experience.

Melanie de Biasio Belgian Singer
Melanie de Biasio Belgian Singer

Melanie de Biasio

Her career

Her first album, A Stomah Is Burning, is released in 2007 by Igloo Sowarex and has been well received by the critics in Belgium and in France. The album has been awarded the Octave de la Musique in 2008 and received 4 stars in Jazz Magazine.

Her second album, No Deal, released in 2013, has been considered as a “sober and sensual masterpiece” within the music industry. The album reached number five on Belgium’s Ultratop chart, mostly thanks to her beautiful single The Flow, and earned her a 2015 European Border Breakers Award. The release was also strongly supported in the UK by BBC DJ Gilles Peterson, who had the singer perform at his 2015 Worldwide Awards ceremony.

In May 2016, Melanie De Biasio released Blackened Cities, a pure vertigo album according to the Inrocks. It includes a 24-minute suite-like track inspired by her travels through post-industrial cities during her long tour, such as Machester, Detroit, Bilbao and, of course, her home town, Charleroi. Blackened Cities has been awarded Track of the Year by Gilles Peterson’s Worldwide Festival in January 2017 .

 “I don’t think anyone, including me, was expecting a 25-minute piece which wasn’t a successor to No Deal, or anything other than a collection of new songs. I followed what the music told me, like a gut feeling.”

Melanie De Biasio

Best songs

Melanie de biasio - The flow


Melanie de biasio - Blackened Cities


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