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Marine Schneider

The Illustrator

Marine Schneider is a Belgian illustrator who, aged just five, she declared she would make children books when she was grown up. Fast forward 15 years, and she started studying illustration in Ghent, where her passion for picture books was only reinforced. A traveller at heart, she loves wandering through vast and preferably snowy landscapes, alone or with company. Her travels around the world, from the very North to the very East, inspire her and nourish her stories. Her great joy is to tell simple but beautiful stories with words as well as images, stories that may be sad but are nonetheless beautiful.

She has also illustrated three books by Norwegian author Elisabeth Helland Larsen: Jeg er Døden, Jeg er Livet and Jeg er Klovnen (Life and I: a Story about Death, I am Life, I am a Clown, published by Little Gestalten). Hiro, Hiver et Marshmallows, published by Versant Sud Jeunesse, is the first album she both wrote and illustrated herself.

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