Sabine is a Cameroonian hairdresser who runs a small salon, Jolie Coiffure, in the Matonge district of Brussels. Despite having been in Belgium for almost a decade, she is still awaiting a decision on her asylum application. This intimate portrait captures Sabine’s daily life at the salon, perfecting her craft whilst whiling away time talking and laughing with an eclectic cast of patrons and visitors, many of whom also harbour the same fears about deportation. Shot entirely within the confines of the salon, Mbakam’s engaged, attentive camera reveals the reality of life in this little known corner of the city.

Film Director

Rosine Mbakam

Rosine Mfetgo MBAKAM (Cameroon) started working at COE where she was trained in editing and directing. She made several documentaries for this NGO. In 2003, she joined the team of STV (Spectrum Television) where she made audiovisual programs. In 2007 Mbakam left Cameroon for the first time in her life to study film at INSAS in Belgium. Les deux visages d’une femme Bamiléké(2017) is her debut film.

With Chez Jolie Coiffure, she was nominated for the Emerging International Filmmaker Awards. This award is given by the Open City Jury to the film that exemplifies an author in control of their subject matter, craft and story – matching content and form in a powerful and persuasive fashion.

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