For A Happy Life

With their first feature film For a Happy Life, unveiled in world premiere at the Festival International du Film Francophone de Namur (FIFF), Belgian director Dimitri Linder and Salima Glamine direct a drama about love and family against a backdrop of community pressure.


Mashir comes from a very traditional Pakistani family. He is crazily in love with Amel, a young girl of Algerian origin, a friend of his sister. There’s no way his parents would accept their relationship, so why talk to them about it? Better to fully enjoy it in secret. But when his pretty young cousin moves in just a few streets down the road, the opportunity is too good for his family to miss. Why go for a wife on the other side of the planet when you can marry someone while fully respecting tradition and resolving minor family conflicts?

“The script was thought through a lot beforehand, like a book.”
Pascal Elbé

Film Directors

Salima Sarah Glamine & Dimitri Linder

After having successfully explored acting, Dimitri Linder became a stage manager. Quickly, he collaborates with directors such as Bouli Lanners and Joachim Lafosse as an assistant director. In 2012, he directs «After 3 minutes», his first short film, co-written with Salima Glamine.

With her acting background, Salima Glamine performed in feature films such as «Fragil(e)» by Martin Valente Valentin and «Ma Place au Soleil» by Éric de Montalier, but also in television feature films including «Tata Bakhta» by Merzak Allouache.