Alone At My Wedding

Marta Bergman is a Bucharest-born director well-known for her documentary films.


Pamela, a young Roma, insolent, spontaneous and funny, embarks on a journey into the unknown, breaking away from the traditions that suffocate her. She arrives in Belgium with three words of French and the hope that marriage will change her and her daughter’s destiny.

“Pamela’s story and her character are rooted in this reality that I know quite well.”

Marta Bergman

Film Director

Marta Bergman

A graduate of INSAS in Brussels, Marta Bergman is known for her various documentaries where she has explored Romania and more specifically, the Roma communities.

Alone at My Wedding is Bergman’s first full-length fiction film. The movie was presented in the ACID section of the 71st Cannes Film Festival.