Stephan Streker - Belgian filmmaker

Stephan Streker

The Film maker

Born in Brussels, Stephan Streker started his career as a journalist. He used to work as a movie critic and sport reporter (essentially football and boxing) in various Belgian and French newspapers, magazines, TV, and radio. He wrote an essay on major French artist Serge Gainsbourg. This book (“Gainsbourg – Portrait d’un artiste en trompe-l’oeil”, De Boeck, Brussels, Belgium) was published in 1990 (one year before Serge Gainsbourg’s death) and is out of print, today. It became a real collector’s item, since then.

Stefan Streker - Belgian Film Director


Feature films:

2004: Michael Blanco
2013: The World Belongs to Us (Le monde nous appartient)
2017: A Wedding (Noces)

Short movies:

1993 : Shadow Boxing
1996 : Mathilde, Pierre’s Wife (Mathilde, la femme de Pierre)
1998 : Day of the Fight (Le jour du combat), documentary

“In cinema, everything depends on somebody’s point of view. This film was made from my perspective, but it’s up to the audience to reach their own judgements. I hope that I’ve succeeded in making a movie that credits the audience with the intelligence and freedom to play their part, which is to come to a conclusion.”

Stephan Streker
about A Wedding

Movie screened in the UK

A Wedding

2017. Stephan Streker


Zahira is a young woman coming from a Pakistani family who migrated in Belgium. Raised in the tradition of her country of origin, she is nonetheless very attached to her western lifestyle and intends to live like the people of her age. Torn between both cultures, she often faces impossible dilemma, and asks for help to her brother Amir. Her destiny is sealed and she does not have a say when her parents force her to marry one of the three pretenders of their choice. However, Zahira is determined to ignore what is imposed to her.

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