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Philippe Van Leeuw graduated from INSAS in Brussels in the Images section. He later studied at the American Film Institute in Los Angeles. Back in Belgium, he worked on many projects as a director of photography. After signing the images of The Life of Jesus, he devoted himself exclusively to fiction and contributed to several films, telefilms, and many short movies as a cinematographer.

Philippe Van Leeuw defends a social and poetic cinema. With The Day God Walked Away, he endeavours to explore with modesty but without complacency the most intimate sufferings. Without showing the atrocities of the Rwandan genocide, and with barely any words, he uses the presence of a single woman to plunge into the unspeakable pain of the victims and to restore their human dignity.

“I felt the need to give my own perception on this situation, not from a political point of view, not from taking sides. I really meant to be as close as possible to ordinary people. To the people we actually don’t see on TV when there is a war somewhere.”

Philippe Van Leeuw talking about Insyriated

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Trapped inside her own home as the city around her is reduced to rubble, mother of three Oum Yazan (Hiam Abbass) takes comfort in the familiarity of household routines. The streets below are a war zone, with a barricaded doorway providing the only protection from the threat of deadly bombs and sniper fire. One day, an ominous knock on the door signals that their time in hiding is almost up. And when the world outside finally bursts in, Oum Yazan is forced to make a terrible sacrifice in order to protect those she loves.

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