Jacques Brel - Belgian Singer

Jacques Brel

The Singer

Jacques Brel is often seen as one of the most open and truthful artists of his generation. He was a writer, composer and performer. Very early in life, he discovered the power of words and made them sing. Jacques went through life, pen in hand, in search of other people’s dreams. He sang the arabesques of our souls, which he scrutinized with a tender and amazed eye.  He wrote all his own songs and composed most of them. He was enchanted by music and it made him sing. We can say that Brel blended words with music in a daring way.

Jacques Brel - Belgian singer

Jacques Brel lived for 49 years and lived it with an exceptional intensity. His style has something frighteningly raw and unguarded. His delivery is razor-sharp, pronouncing every syllable. During his hour-long concert, he was performing his songs with such pained and profound emotion that he was said to sweat away two pounds of body weight. Fans feel a great emotional intimacy with him, without really knowing why. He’s not just an artist to them, he is someone who embodies moral values too. He still sells more than 200,000 albums a year. Brel may be long dead, but his musical poetry is indeed alive and well.

“Talent does not exist.
Talent, it’s the will to do something.”


Jacques Brel

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