Toine Thys Trio - Belgian band

Since 10 years, Toine Thys lead the Toine Thys Trio with Arno Krijer on Hammond organ and drummer Karl Jannuska. In their career they have released 3 albums with the production house Igloo Records.

This amazing band offers us joyful, energetic and intense Jazz music.

Toine Thys is very involved with teaching African context; in fact, he founded, with Laurent Blondiau, a brass instrumental school in Burkina Faso, named “Las Ventistes de Faso” and is intended to be extended to other countries such as Benin, Senegal or the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Toine Thys Trio

The Band

Toine Thys;

Arno Krijger;

Karl Jannuska

Girls in Hawaii Belgian band

“Being a jazz musician requires a good dose of optimism and a good dose of enthusiasm and faith in our passion and our profession.

Toine Thys

Toine Thys - The end of certainty

The end of certainty


Alain Pire Experience - Cambridge



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