Behind The Pines - Belgian band

Behind the Pines, aslo known as B.T.P, is a Belgian indie/rock band born from the alchemy of the two friends singer and drummer in 2017. The group hatched the beaten track to plays his unique aerial indie and punchy rock sound.

Supported by the most important Belgian radio station; Classic 21, La 1ère, Pure FM and Radio Monnaie, the Brussels quartet has performed in many festivals, sharing the stage with artists such as Hooverphonic, Puggy, Suarez, Maître Gims, Juicy, Mustii, etc.

Behind The Pines

The Band

Andrea Battisti
Tomas Caballero
Johnny DP
Grégory Maira

Girls in Hawaii Belgian band

 “Many Inspiration. No Education. Punchy Vibes. From Our Heart.”

Behind The Pines
Song Misses

Singles and Album released

Behind The Pines - What Do We Choose

What Do We Choose


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Behind The Pines - In the Night

In the Night


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Behind The Pines - In the Mirror

In the Mirror


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Behind the pines - What Do We Choose
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