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Valentine Laffitte

The Illustrator

Valentine Laffitte has been living in Brussels for some years. She trained in illustration at the Lycée Auguste Renoir in Paris and at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels. She regularly exhibits her work and runs workshops for children. She experiments with the technique of collage, which allows her to explore and question the idea itself of the construction of the image. The paper becomes a playground, a way to play with shapes and colours, themes and ideas. Her work, whether in two or three dimensions, gives an impression of depth, volume.

In April 2017 her first children book, Little Blue Fear, was published by Belgian publishing house Versant Sud Jeunesse. She is now working on a new project, Around the World, a book about climate change. Valentine is part of the children’s art group “Kidzone”, which she created with friends. By creating artistic installations or workshops, the idea is to define a space for free and artistic experimentation that stimulates the perceptions of the participants.

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