A Wedding (Noces)

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A Wedding

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Zahira, 18, is close to her family until her parents ask her to follow Pakistani tradition to choose a husband. Torn between family customs and her western lifestyle, the young woman turns for help to her brother and confidant Amir. Based on a true story.

23 February – 8.45pm

Screening & Q&A
“A Wedding”

Book your tickets now to attend the screening of “A Wedding” (Noces) on the 23rd of February at Ciné Lumière in London.
Meet the film director Stephan Streker after the screening for a Q&A.


Film Director

Stephan Streker

“For me, it’s a genuine tragedy after the Greek model. Each character faces really formidable moral dilemmas, and, like in Greek tragedy, there are no villains in this film. Jean Renoir used to say that there are never any villains in cinema; characters always have their own reasons for what they do. Zahira is a real heroine for 2017, the Antigone of our times. She’s the girl who said no.

Stephan Streker, in a interview for Cineuropa

“Where the fear of dishonour exceeds love.”
A Wedding
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