Insyriated, Winner of the Panorama Audience Award at the 2017 Berlin Film Festival


Trapped inside her own home as the city around her is reduced to rubble, mother of three Oum Yazan takes comfort in the familiarity of household routines. The streets below are a war zone, with a barricaded doorway providing the only protection from the threat of deadly bombs and sniper fire. One day, an ominous knock on the door signals that their time in hiding is almost up. And when the world outside finally bursts in, Oum Yazan is forced to make a terrible sacrifice in order to protect those she loves.

“Being awarded the Panorama Audience Award, Insyriated firmly established itself as one of the best films in this years Berlinale”
Berlinale 2017 Review by Hannah Bahl
Interview Philippe Van Leeuw on Insyriated
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