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Remy Belvaux

The Film maker

Remy Belvaux is a film director. He is the brother of the actor and filmmaker Lucas Belvaux. He started his studies in the animation before going in the INSAS a university college for cinema (where he met Benoit poelvoorde and André Bonzel).
Rémy Belvaux and André Bonzel codirected in 1987 a short parodic movie “ Pas de C4 pour Daniel” with Benoît Poelvoorde.
At the beginning of the 90’s they did that again for their end study work by filming in black and white for a ridiculous budget (they had to pay the movie with their own money) “Man bites dog”. The movie was a black humor fiction which looks like a report; a cynical parody of the famous Belgian shows “strip tease”.

The movie was a huge success in 1992 and become quickly a cult movie. Also, the movie obtained some prizes like the International Critics’ Prize in 1992 Cannes Film Festival.
After this success, the filmmaker focused on the direction of TV’s adds and worked for SFR (one of the French mobile network); Total or Charal ( a French meat manufacturer). He also kept is the sense of provocation. In fact, he was one of the fourth who attacked Bill Gates with a pie in 1999.

“How to make a film without money ? that was the idea of man bites dogs”.
“The movie was a subjective movie because the viewer were able to see directly what happened in the movie and it was like he was a member of the filming crew. So it was like the viewers killed and raped people with the actors”

Rémy Belvaux
about Man bites dog

Most famous movie

Man bites dog

1992. André Bonzel ; Rémy belvaux and Benoît Poelvoorde


The deserving winner of the International Critics Award at Cannes in 1992;tells the activities of rampaging, indiscriminate serial killer Ben. He is recorded by a willingly complicit documentary team, who eventually become his accomplices and active participants. Ben provides casual commentary on the nature of his work and arbitrary musings on topics of interest to him, such as music or the conditions of low-income housing, and even goes so far as to introduce the documentary crew to his family. But their reckless indulgences soon get the better of them.

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